What are friendly bacteria?




Each of us has around 100,000 billion viable microbes living in our intestines (good bacteria), comprising over 1,000 different species and more than 5,000 strains. These microbes weigh around 1.5 kg in total and are referred to collectively as the microbiome.

95% of the microbiome is in the large intestine, with only around 50g (weight) of the microbiome residing in the small intestine.

What makes ProVen different?

With over 30 years’ experience in probiotics, coupled with continual research and new product development, ProVen is one of the world's most respected producers of probiotics.

Probiotics and Your Health


Why take friendly bacteria with antibiotics?

The Microbiome

What is the microbiome?

The Power of Your Immune Systems starts in the Gut - ProVen Probiotics

A-Z Glossary

What is the difference between probiotic and prebiotics? Do you know your Bifidus from your Acidophilus? Isn’t good and friendly bacteria the same thing?

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